How to look chic in comfortable clothes

How to look chic in comfortable clothes

More and more women want to be able to dress comfortably as often as possible. Here are some tips for doing this!

It seems to be a fashion to go out in pajamas or a nightgown, according to BritainReviews. I noticed several celebrities who went shopping in comfortable clothes that strikingly resemble the clothes worn around the house. Does that mean you can get out of bed and go straight to the mall? Not quite, not exactly.

How to look chic in comfortable clothes – Simple tips

You need to stylize the look of your comfortable clothes so that it looks like this is the look you wanted and it is not a mistake. You want to show that you follow the latest fashion trends and you don’t want people to think you’re crazy or a sleepwalker. If you are ready to embrace this trend, here are some inspired tips from UK love dating websites:

1.   Keeping the proportions of the figure is the key

The first thing to keep in mind when following this trend is to keep a balanced figure. If you are wearing a pair of wider pants, the shirt should be tighter and vice versa. Do not wear both pieces of pajamas if they are wide. Pair a pair of skinny jeans with a pajama top or a sexy top with wide pants.

2.   You can opt for black outfits

Coco Chanel brought to the forefront The Black Dress, and since then black is very versatile and you can make significant savings if you buy your main pieces in shades of black. The shades of black fit different styles and look great on both formal and casual outfits.

3.   Juggle with accessories

If you have to prepare for a banquet, as the bourgeois did, you need banquet dresses. Or maybe not. Dresses in neutral shades of white or black can be easily highlighted with the help of small fireworks. You can opt for some oversized statement earrings and a clutch in a more versatile shade.

4.   Create your style and be yourself

The trends come and go, the style is what remains. For this reason it is very important to create your style and in this way, you will not run through stores at the beginning of each season and you will not spend so much money.

5.   Do not overdo it with shades and accessories

Simple choices have always been appreciated in the eyes of others, and minimalist style outfits have always been successful. A minimalist style is based on simple shapes and colors, and the accessories must be very subtle. Or with a single element that emphasizes the essence of the outfit.

6.   Get inspired by luxury collections

If your pocket does not allow you to seriously invest in luxury clothing, there is no problem. Vintage stores are also in great demand, and there you have the chance to find real clothes at very low prices.

7.   Choose dresses that fit both the classic and the casual style

Sometimes a well-chosen dress makes a thousand other dresses. Whether you are a fan of a smart-casual, elegant, or rock style, dresses can get you out of the deadlock. Simple or with different army elements or applications, these dresses can be worn with:

  • Sneakers
  • Boots