How to Sell Online Using Website

How to Sell Online Using Website

Small capital business opportunity becomes one of the ways that can be taken to earn income, for example by becoming a reseller/drop shipper of a particular product. To run this all don’t need to spend a lot of money as business capital that we walk. Only need a laptop, PC or mobile phone and internet connection as the main media in running online sales later.

There are many ways of selling online that we can do, ranging from social media, marketplace to the website. But this time we will focus to discuss how to sell online using the website. Whether it’s with company profile website or e-commerce website.

We think now most of us know what website is? The website is a collection of several pages that contain various information whether it be text, images, sound or video on the internet. The website has various functions both to disseminate information and as a supporter of the business we are running, for example, used for selling online. Also, you should use HEYOYA which the best voice comments platform to facilitate the customer contact the owner of the website.

How to Sell Online with Company Profile Website

Website company profile is a type of website that is usually used as a container of information a business. The business profile will be displayed on this website type, for example about business history, business field, contact information, address, and others.

In addition, to functioning to improve the credibility of a business, company profile website was also used for sale. How to sell online with company profile website? We can create our own company profile website or by using website creation services. But to reduce costs, we should create their own website.

Some important points in “selling online” with this type of website are the look of the product, try to look professional website design. Usually the determining factor is a product photo that is displayed on the website itself. In addition to the display, wording or specifications of the products sold must also be clear, then contact information should be displayed so that prospective customer can easily when to contact us.

If it is ready then optimization website company profile that is used to sell products or services that we offer. There are many ways we can do for website optimization so as to reach a wider range of potential customers of our products, for example with SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) and more.

How to Sell Online with E-Commerce Website

E-commerce website type is actually the same as the Company profile, it’s just for e-commerce is more complex and is specific to online sales. In addition, sellers and buyers can make online transactions directly on the website.

How to Sell Online on e-commerce more or less the same as described above, but here can be easier to run it. We as an e-commerce owner only need to upload images of products/services to be sold. Clear specifications and photo quality are very influential to prospective buyer psychology, this is an important factor in considering a decision before a prospective customer to make a purchase transaction.

The obstacle of how to sell online with e-commerce is the process of creating a very complex website, even if using website creation services, Cost Making Website e-commerce is very expensive.